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Top instagram accounts that every crystal lover should be following!

Posted by jessica lahoud on

Instagram has become an incredible tool for gem lovers, sellers and collectors alike! With millions of images at the click of a #hashtag, it's never been easier to source crystals or sneak a peak at user's collections for inspiration. Here's my roundup of top instagram accounts that every crystal lover needs to be following.



Let's start this off with Australia's very own Patrick Gundersen. If you're not already following this guy you need to fix that pronto. Patrick posts photos of his crystal hunting adventures along with his incredible finds so that we can live vicariously through him (while we're at our day jobs).  


Proper gems. Where all of your tourmaline dreams come true. D.Morrison shows off one of the most beautiful tourmaline collections we have ever seen, with pieces that most of us might never have the chance to see with our own bulging, envious eyes. #jelly


@kildie is the instagram account of local Sydney artist Kyle Montgomery. Montgomery creates beautiful other-worldly sculptures and taxidermy, incorporating crystals and spiritual symbolism. The perfect combination.


The instagram account for US based Scott Maller. @dusted77 boasts images of a huge variety of small high quality mineral specimens. Fluorite, Tanzanite, Shattuckite, Sugilite. You name it, he's probably got it.


A peak into the world of Turquoise mining. Kingman Turquoise, to be exact. @kingmanturquoisemine is run by Josh Colbaugh, one of the Colbaugh clan members who own and run the famous Kingman turquoise mine.


Follow @geologypage for beautiful macro photos of minerals, mountain views and geology news. It's hard to stop scrolling and step away from the phone when the content is this dreamy.


You know we're on Instagram, right? Follow us for photos of beautiful crystals, to peak into our opal mining adventures and to see updates of new stock.

Do you follow any accounts that deserve a special mention? Post in the comments below!

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