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I remember when I was in my Reiki Level one workshop and I heard the word
'Intention'. I have to admit that even though I thought I knew what it meant, I really
didn’t. Even for years after, I truly never embraced the power of it. Well, that's all
changed now and here's why...

When I first started to learn Reiki, I was amazed and in awe of this beautiful
energy that surrounded us. It came so naturally to me and I never understood or felt the hesitation that the other students did. I felt it all immediately. The warmth, the energy, the tingles and sensations, the empathic ability that came along with being a healer. I found my passion and calling.

The term 'intention' is talked about and practiced in Reiki. It is a moment where you
call upon the Reiki and you state what it is you are doing. This is an example statement of the intentions that are set, but encompasses the main aspects-

" I am calling upon the Reiki and am a conduit for this energy to help the person who requires help, heal".

I never really did this in my earlier years while learning Reiki. I was actually a little egoistic in a sense and thought that I was above this intention, that the energy and my higher self just knew it all and I didn’t have to do anything. Well, I was wrong.

I quickly learned that Intention is the basis for all healing work. It is the moment where a healer will speak within himself or herself to God or creation and state what it is that they intend to happen. When the intention is stated, you create a connection from creation, through yourself and to the person whom you are helping. This connection is what allows the healing energies from creation to reach the person in need. Therefore, the ‘secret’ to any healing is the time and practice of intention.

I like to think of Intention as the Eagle who flies high above us. The eagle does everything with precision and purpose. It has an intention for every aspect of its life.It can see all that goes on, nothing can hide from the eagle. Just like creator sees what is truly on our minds or in our hearts as healers, we too must do everything with beauty, grace and loving intention. The eagle is also the one, who brings us messages from creator and this, just like the energy, it is a connection between heaven and earth.

When I prepare for a person who has requested a healing I go through processes and steps to ensure that I am ready. I will sit in meditation with some white sage burning and I go within myself. When I come to that moment of silence I speak and state who, what, when and why. I then ask for help with this person and ask that they have the connection and moment with creation that they need. It is within this moment that their resolutions and solutions are found and met. I am merely a conduit for the two to meet in a sacred space, which my energy is holding.

During this time, I am filled with golden light; I am filled like a cup. The only reason a healer can heal is due to the fact that there is a need for balanced energy. This means that the person in need has less energy than the healer who has filled him or herself up with golden light, for example. When the two meet there's an exchange of energy. Therefore, the healer must forgo the ego and do some work themselves in order to achieve this.

This is how I realized that Intention held an imperative role in healing and in all
aspects of our lives. I quickly forewent my ego self and came down to my basic self
who is here for service to others and my own needs. I would sit in meditation stating my intention and then would be filled with light that I could pass on.

It's important to mention that the person in need also must state their intention. The healer themselves have spoken with their creator and stated their intention but in order for this energy to flow, the person who is to receive the energy must also state why it is and why they want this energy. They must focus on what it will mean for them to be healed, what it actually is that they want to be healed. This is a time when they are able to be honest with themselves and face the ‘demon’ that is hurting them or haunting them. They can have a moment where they forgive their past. It's at this point that the healing has begun or happened!



Once both parties have stated the intention in such an open and honest way, the
energy from creator flows through both. It’s like the mother that wanted both her
siblings to be at peace and the love that flows is insurmountable to any other
feeling. When a successful healing happens, both healer and healed go back and forth and swap places and merge in a place I call infinity. It’s where our rules of science break down and the real laws emerge. I do not know what they are, but can say that magic happens. This magic is love and understanding that there is something special in all of us and that we all matter.

Intention is the most important aspect of healing. We as healers must always state it, be it and live it. It flows into everything we do. We must also get our clients and people of whom we are of service to and get them to state their intention, have a soul conversation and merge into one so that creation's love for us all may flow freely and be felt.


Daniel Angel is a Reiki Master and Teacher. 
For more information on Reiki and / or Daniel you can contact him through his website:

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