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Robert Gilbert is coming to Sydney

Posted by Kassandra Scardino on

When I heard that Robert Gilbert was booking to do a Sydney and Melbourne
tour my ears instantly pricked up. You may not know Robert yet but he is like
the crystal daddy of science based research done on the gemstone kingdom.
Although I believe there is very solid intuitive psychic based crystal content
out there nothing beats knowing spiritual science with factual results.
I absolutely turn into a spiritual geek when I do any of Robert Gilberts work
and the information is next to none, some of the most exciting and well
informed content. Dr Gilbert actually lived in Sydney over 20 years ago when
he worked teaching psychic development classes. He has studied multiple
world spiritual traditions extensively, with advanced information from key
systems integrated into his trainings. His non-sectarian approach is inclusive
of individuals from all spiritual traditions.
Some of the work with crystals Robert uncovers touches on Indian Vedic,
Chinese Daoist and Ancient Egyptian mysteries with the stones that have
been lost in modern traditions. When you hear Robert drop names like
Daskalos, Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Traditions which are highly advanced
fields then you know that this work is life changing, which it is. So what am I
most excited about? Roberts crystals classes that are coming out early
October. Like I stated before this is a very rich class that will be covering
topics like what stones to use for cancer, pregnancy, earth clearing and more.
I’m sure your clued in but crystals are extremely powerful tools when used
correctly can be life changing. Robert really demystifies this work and gives
you the real go on what to do while making his complex information digestible
to anyone. I am not one to be a pusher but if you are serious about crystals
then I can’t recommend enough checking out these two events.

An Introduction to Vibrational Healing with Stones
Friday October 5th

Practical Vibrational Healing with Stones
Sat and Sunday October 6 th + 7 th

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Kassandra dedicated her life to developing her skills as a healer and teacher since 2012. Since then Kassandra has been teaching workshops, healing and facilitating meditation while building a LIGHT community of like minded people at a space called The Temple Surry Hills. 

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