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Onyx Worry Stones

Onyx Worry Stones

  • $600

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You can benefit from a worry stone simply by holding onto one and allowing the crystal’s energy to alleviate your worries. Keep it in your pocket for easy access throughout the day. When you feel anxious, reach into your pocket for your worry stone and take a moment for yourself.

Hold onto your worry stone and massage your thumb into the center of the stone. This repetitive action can help to shift your focus from whatever is causing your stress onto something that you can fidget with, much like a stress ball, without indulging in an unhealthy habit such as nail biting.

Price is for one onyx Worry Stone (pictured : hand holding onyx worry stone)

Please allow for natural variations. Each stone is unique.


Onyx: strength, focus, willpower, grounding, intuition, motivation to complete tasks, productivity, vitality, dream work. 

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