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Cleanse Kit - Herbal

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Smudging kit includes: 

-White sage smudge stick (approx 10cm) 
-Palo Santo intention stick
-Vial : Frankincense granules
-Vial : Loose organic Cornflower, Calendula, Rose & Jasmine
-Selenite mini tower
-Black Tourmaline crystal
-Crystal meaning cards for Selenite and Black Tourmaline 

Our sea shells are sustainably sourced from Licensed suppliers who do not deal with threatened or endangered shell species. 
Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested in Ecuador from a farm that has a reforestation program. Only naturally fallen trees are ever harvested. 
This kit is 100% biodegradable! The clear wrapping is made of plant based cellulose and can even be composted. 

Selenite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, communication with angels and spirit guides, higher consciousness, intuition, clears energetic blockages, charges other stones with moon energy, healing. 
Black Tourmaline: most protective stone, dispels negativity, grounding, cleanses aura.

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