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Connection to Angels crystals kit

  • $2000

Kit includes the following: 

  • selenite crystal
  • lemurian seed crystal
  • clear quartz angel carving
  • cards with meanings of each crystal

No plastic is used in this packaging. it is wrapped in 100% biodegradable cellulose wrapping and a reusable organza bag. 

crystal healing properties:

Quartz: programmable, amplifies intentions, manifestation, master healer, mental clarity, protective, memory enhancement, all chakras.

Selenite: Selenite awakens your higher chakras and serves as a conduit for angelic communication and divine light frequency.It has the ability to quickly dissolve blockages in your energy field. It's this purifying quality that makes Selenite a wonderful cleansing crystal to place beside your other stones. Selenite is known to have both nurturing and protective properties, which are especially beneficial for pregnant women and children.

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