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Smokey quartz elestial cluster

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Stone: Elestial Smokey Quartz 
Origin: Brazil
Size: 8 x 5 x 5 cm 

Not sure what an "Elestial" is? When a smoky quartz crystal is covered head to toe in these double terminated, layered crystal formations we call it an Elestial. If you take your time to explore your piece you'll find that there are some crystals on the face that almost look like etched computer chips or something of the sort. These amazing crystals are able to hold so much energetic information and be used by us in our own healing as well as our light work to heal the collective consciousness. I have always intuitively seen smokey elestial quartz as a stone that can help to ground the energies we are calling to during our spiritual work and bring them into our physical world. It is a high vibrational stone that is also incredibly grounding, calming and comforting. It is a wonderful stone to hold in meditation or during times of heightened stress and anxiety. It clears the brain fog and feels like a breath of fresh air. 

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