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Silver Gemstone Arm Cuff

  • $3600

choose from three gemstones:

Blue howlite, amethyst or moonstone.

Silver plated over Brass

price is for one bracelet


Moonstone:Moonstone is vibrant with divine lunar energy. It is an ideal stone for new beginnings and trasitioning through big life moments. Moonstone is a stone for spiritual journeying. It will enhance your intuition and give you additional spiritual insight. Moonstone emits a soothing energy and is known to balance emotions and calm stress and anxiety.



Amethyst is a high vibrational stone that supports your connection to the divine. It wards off negativity, protecting you energetically and enhancing your psychic gifts.

Amethyst helps you to break negative patterns such as excessive worrying, anger or addiction. It can help you to overcome sadness or stress, especially during transitional phases in your life.


Howlite: is a calming stone, known for its ability to relieve stress. It can also quiet an overactive mind and help to dissipate any anger you may be holding onto. Because of these key qualities, Howlite is especially helpful in regulating your sleep patterns. Holding onto Howlite can encourage patience and positivity in you.

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