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Lucky Dip - mystery items

Lucky Dip - mystery items

  • $3300

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Feeling lucky???

We love a good surprise and we think you do too! Our lucky dip offer is perfect for someone who wants to buy themselves a present and still be surprised, or for someone who feels the pull to purchase a new crystal but is unsure of what they want and would like some intuitively guided assistance. 

When you buy a lucky dip you will receive mystery items that are of that value or higher!

What to expect inside
The items could include but are not limited to the following: 
crystals, pendulums, jewellery, smudging tools, crystal kits etc etc.

Because it is a lucky dip, we don't offer refunds or exchanges. but if you're concerned you'll receive something you don't want (eg. you really want a new crystal but you don't want to get a smudge stick) just let us know in the notes at checkout. 

If you want a box made with a specific intention let us know in the notes and I will do my best to create a box that assists with those energies. eg: self love, protection, motivation, broken heart. 

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