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Crystal meanings / properties


Agate- Blue Lace: communicating to divine spirit , expressing your truth, angel guidance.
Agate -Moss:
Grounded earth energy, connecting to nature and soothing heart to stabilise emotions. Helps to neutralise a hot temper. 
AmazoniteSoothing, loving communication, compassion, alleviates emotional trauma, heals heart and throat chakra, expression of truth.
Amber: Health, well-being, purifies aura, positive outlook, self expression, decision making, sun energy, light, warmth, protects against negativity.   
Amethyst: Protection against psychic attack, blocks negative energy, spiritual awareness, divine connection, helps to release addiction, meditation, focus, calming, breaks bad habits and negative thoughts. 
Ametrine: mental clarity, spiritual clarity, decision making, encourages ideas, enhances learning and creative problem solving.
Ammonite: Increases life force energy, Amplification of other stones, transformation, banishes and transmutes lower vibration energies, perseverance, centring and grounding.
Andalusite: Deeply grounding, grounded integration of higher chakras, prevents energy drainage, protective against lower vibrational energy.
Angel aura: Activates crown chakra, peace, serenity, spiritual awareness, optimism, joy, enlightenment, angel communication.
Angelite: Angelic communication, Heals throat chakra, development of spiritual gifts, expression of truth, compassion, meditation, stimulates third eye chakra and crown chakra. 
Apache tears (Obsidian): Grounding, protective, assists with healing from grief, alleviates emotional trauma, cleanses the auric field and blocks negative energy. 
Apatite (blue) : spiritual guidance, communication, encourages psychic ability, lucid dreaming, astral travel, activates third eye chakra, positivity, hope.
Apatite(green/gold): confidence, manifestation, creativity, will power, heals heart.
Apophyllite: Stimulates third eye chakra and crown chakra, past life recall, meditation, clears the mind, connection to nature, angelic and spiritual connection.
Aqua aura: Activates third eye and throat chakras, communication of truth, soothes anger, frustration and stress, calming, peaceful energy.
Aquamarine: calming energy, soothes stress and anger, stimulates third eye chakra and throat chakra, clear communication, truth, intuition, quiets the mind, encourages tolerance, cleanses emotions.
Aragonite: Grounding, assist with finding blockages and healing, activates and cleanses all chakras. patience, acceptance, connection to nature, strength.
Aragonite (blue): Intuition, expressing your emotions, compassion, wisdom, mental focus.
Aventurine (green): heart chakra, confidence, empathy, growth, strength, luck.
Aventurine (red): strength, creativity, grounding, focus, manifestation, conflict resolution, self- forgiveness.
Azurite:  Stimulates third eye chakra and Crown chakra. Intuition, psychic ability, inner vision, enlightenment, spiritual guidance, past life recall, higher consciousness.


Black amber (Jet):  protection, grounding, willpower, kundalini, removes fear, removes negative energy, spiritual enlightenment. 
Black Tourmaline: most protective stone, dispels negativity, grounding, cleanses aura.
Healing, intuition, creativity, vitality, courage, strength, grounding, root chakra, purifies auric field. 
Blue lace agate: communicating to divine spirit , expressing your truth, angel guidance
Bornite (Peacock ore) : Joy, all chakras, happiness, positive energy.


Calcite Blue: psychic ability, astral travel, communication,relaxation.
Calcite White: manifestation, mental clarity, new beginnings.
Calcite Green: emotional balance, absorbs negativity, heals heart. 
Calcite Orange: meditation, creativity, confidence, grounding.
Carnelian: grounding, courage, confidence, concentration, focus, vitality, helps to overcome fear, fertility.
Celestite: Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, serenity, angelic communication, dream recall, communication of truth, spiritual guidance, enhanced consciousness, divine energy, enlightenment. 
Cavansite: Clairvoyance, communication, expansion of consciousness, Third eye chakra, Crown chakra, spiritual wisdom.
Blue: honest expression, inner wisdom, balance, channeling, repairs holes in aura
Charoite:(pronounced: shar-ite) transformation, higher consciousness, emotional healing, dispels negativity, manifestation of spiritual path, decision making. 
Chiastolite: Deeply grounding, grounded integration of higher chakras, prevents energy drainage, protective against lower vibrational energy.
Chlorite: Connection with nature, protects against psychic attack, meditation, physical healing, optimism, well-being. 
Chrysocolla: communication, goddess energy, tranquility, protects against negativity, inner strength, activates heart, throat and root chakras.
Chrysoprase: growth, meditation, compassion, creativity, calming, lifts anger, encourages forgiveness and peaceful dreaming.
Citrine: Creativity, manifestation, willpower, mental clarity, abundance, encourages positive thinking.


Dalmatian Jasper: Protection, removes negativity, encourages childlike joy, happiness, grounding, calming.
Dendritic Agate: growth, wisdom, all chakras, life path , reduces stress
Dumortierite:  psychic ability, enhanced learning, inner guidance, divine inspiration


Emerald: Heart chakra, love, compassion, inspiration, patience, loyalty, abundance, calms emotions. 


Fire Agate: Vitality, passion, life inspiration, quest for fulfilment, willpower, grounding, creativity, sexuality.
: strong protection stone, mental clarity, assists with decision making, cleanses aura, clears negativity, uncluttered mind, focus, concentration, memory retention. 
Fuchsite:(pronounced: few-shite) Heart chakra, unconditional love, self worth, independence.


Garnet: love, devotion, grounding, strength, security, kundalini activation.
Green Calcite: emotional balance, absorbs negativity, heals heart. 


Hematite: grounding, protective, harmonizes mind body and spirit, manifestation, eliminates brain fog, strength, courage, perseverance. 
Herkimer diamonds: Third eye chakra, creativity, crown chakra activation, amplify the energy of other stones, spiritual development, heightened dream state. 
Howlite: Calming, relieves stress, assists with sleeping, past life recall, patience, absorbs anger and transmutes into positivity.


Ioite: Third eye chakra, intuition, shamanic journey stone, release of addiction, past life access, communication.


Jade: health, abundance, prosperity, luck, heart chakra, universal love, peace, joy, love of life.
Jasper Red: grounding, strength, vitality, calms emotions, creativity.
Jasper brown: connection to earth, stability, balance, meditation, past life recall.
Jasper Mookaite: willpower, intuition, grounding, clears ancestral karma. 
Jasper Ocean: responsibility, patience, harmony, heart chakra, love.
Jasper Unakite: release of bad habits, heart chakra, balance, patience.
Jet (Black amber): protection, grounding, willpower, kundalini, removes fear, removes negative energy, spiritual enlightenment. 


Kunzite: heart chakra, universal love, emotional healing, tranquility, loving communication, meditation, dispels negative energy, joy.
Kyanite: meditation, encourages the development of psychic abilities, intuition, promotes healing dream work, spiritual communication, connection.
Kyanite-black:  helps to clear blockages in your chakras, grounds you whilst keeping your energy levels up and is an incredible insightful stone, allowing work on past lives and connection to potential future timelines.  


Labradorite: Magic , protection, psychic ability, past life recall, blocks negativity, self discovery, intuition, encourages spiritual gifts. 
Lapis Lazuli: third eye chakra, intuition, psychic ability, throat chakra, communication, enlightenment, stress relief, protective, peace.
Larimar: Tranquility, throat chakra, communicating one's truth, emotional strength, calms fear and anger, removes stress, encourages self love.
Lepidolite: emotional healing, protects you from electromagnetic pollution from computers and mobile phones, heart chakra, love, intuition, stress relief, release of addiction, transformation stone. 
Libyan Glass Tektite: Manifestation, creativity, confidence, willpower, focus, happiness.


Magnesite: Third eye chakra, crown chakra, reflection, meditation, love, intution, calming, positive energy.
Malachite: release of inhibition, empathy, heart chakra, love, solar plexus, creativity, confidence, protection.
Silver: moon energy, feminine energy, self exploration, intuition
Gold : creativity, confidence, willpower, determination, sun energy, male energy
Copper: conducts and enhances stones' energies. inspiration, balance.
Meteorite: kundalini activation, spiritual growth, helps to move forward, protects emotional body
Moldavite: enhances consciousness, astral projection, warning: can make some people feel sick, aligns chakras, spiritual guidance, transformation.
Moonstone:moon energy, feminine goddess energy, cleansing, intuition, empathy, gentleness, lucid dreaming, psychic ability, third eye chakra, crown chakra, past life recall, patience, divine energy.
Morganiteheart chakra, universal love, self love, heals emotional wounds, peace, joy, removes fear and anger.
Moss agate: Grounded earth energy, connecting to nature and soothing heart to stabilise emotions. Helps to neutralise a hot temper. 


Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz): self acceptance, enlightenment, third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual ascension, acceptance of individuality, increases spiritual consciousness. 


Obsidian: grounding, protection against negativity, protection against psychic attack, removes negative thoughts and bad habits, cleanses aura.
Onyx: strength, focus, willpower, grounding, intuition, motivation to complete tasks, productivity, vitality, dream work. 
Opal: powerful manifestation stone, transformation, joy, amplifies emotions, amplifies intentions, meditation, heal from old wounds.


Peacock ore: Joy, all chakras, happiness, positive energy.
solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, heals heart, universal love, positivity, prosperity, good for business owners, self esteem, manifestation.
Petrified wood: connection to nature, patience, past life work, ancient knowledge, wisdom, grounding.
Pietersite: solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, intuition, willpower, self esteem, helps to achieve goals with meaningful action, mental clarity, cleanses the aura, transformation.
Prasiolite (green amethyst):connection to nature, heart chakra, love, emotional healing, crown chakra, spiritual guidance, compassion.
Prehnite: solar plexus, heart chakra, alleviates worry and stress, meditation, angelic communication, peace of mind, dispels anger and nervousness.
Pyrite: manifestation, willpower, vitality, strength, confidence, creativity, solar plexus chakra, helps to outgrow negative habits, grounding, helps to overcome fear.


Quartz: programmable, amplifies intentions, manifestation, master healer, mental clarity, protective, memory enhancement, all chakras. because it can be programmed the better questions is - what CAN'T it do?


Rhodochrosite: Heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, self love, compassion, heals emotional wounds, self healing, courage, self esteem.
Rhodonite: love, empathy, generosity, compassion, grounding, heart chakra, root chakra, self development.
Rose Quartz:heart chakra, universal love, amplifies loving energy, emotional healing, self love, friendship, stress relief, calms the mind.
Ruby: root chakra, passion, vitality, strength, self worth, enthusiasm, courage.
Rutile: amplification of other stones, expansion of consciousness, enhances psychic ability, amplifies intentions, creativity, confidence.


Sapphire (blue): Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, insight, intuition, communication, psychic visions, wisdom, learning. 
Scolecite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual ascension, intuition, meditation, inner peace, relaxation, serenity, restful sleep, peaceful dreams, love. 
Selenite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, communication with angels and spirit guides, higher consciousness, intuition, clears energetic blockages, charges other stones with moon energy, healing. 
Seraphinite: spiritual enlightenment, self healing, connection with angels, all chakras, heart healing, kundalini, dream work, meditation.
Serpentine: connection to earth, connection with nature, kundalini awakening, all chakras, 
Shattuckite: intuition, wisdom, personal responsibility, quest for truth, expression of truth, humble understanding, divine guidance, spiritual communication
Shiva Lingam: Kundalini activation, All chakras, Vitality, Rebirth, Transformation, Enlightenment, Balance of energy, Fertility
Shungite: protects against electromagnetic fields, is an immunity booster and amplifies the energy of other stones.
Smoky Quartz: root chakra, grounding, eliminates negativity, dispels stress and anxiety, assists in the manifestation of one's goals, cleanses aura, protects against electro magnetic radiation caused by computers and phones. 
Sodalite: Third eye chakra, increases intuition, creativity, deep meditation, stone of truth, protects against electromagnetic pollution caused by computers and mobile phones.
Stichtite: kundalin activation, love, forgiveness, compassion, spiritual protection, emotional resilience, heart chakra, crown chakra, root chakra.
Stilbite: mental clarity, peace, helps you find your purpose, promotes meaningful dreams
Sugilite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual awareness, protects against negativity, encourages messages in dreams, intuition, helps you find your passion.
Sunstone: sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, creativity, confidence, courage, willpower, self steem, stress relief, happiness, independence, leadership.


Tanzanite aura: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual enlightenment, enhanced consciousness, intuition, psychic abilities, connection with spirit guides, meditation, heals emotional blockages.
Tanzanite: compassion, love, third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual enlightenment, enhanced consciousness, intuition, psychic abilities, connection with spirit guides, meditation, heals emotional blockages.
Tiger eyebalance, grounding, creativity, strength, vitality, independence, mental clarity, decision making.
Titanium Quartz: relaxation, happiness, joy, positivity, strength, energizing, grounding.
Topaz: soothing, cmmunication, calming energy, spirituality, eliminates self doubt, intuition, assists with learning, mental clarity, meditation.
Tourmaline Black: most protective stone, dispels negativity, grounding, cleanses aura.
Tourmaline Green: well being, connection to nature, heart chakra, self healing.
Tourmaline Pink: heart chakra, love, emotional healing, joy, relaxation, happiness.
Tourmaline Red: root chakra, heart chakra, love, passion, grounding.
Tourmaline Blue:throat chakra, third eye, intuition, psychic ability, self expression.
Turquoise: throat chakra, communication, spirituality, protection, truth.


Unakite jasper: release of bad habits, heart chakra, balance, patience.


Vanadinite: connection to nature, meditation, mental clarity, grounding, guidance, creativity, vitality, productivity.
Variscite: encouragement, love, empathy, heals emotional  body, past life work, heart chakra, encourages tolerance, self love, mental clarity.


Wulfenite: solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, confidence, creativity, willpower, courage, manifestation, grounding. 




Zoisite: root chakra, third eye chakra, heart chakra, joy, vitality, healing.