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Metaphysical Properties A-G

AmazoniteSoothing, loving communication, compassion, alleviates emotional trauma, heals heart and throat chakra, expression of truth.
Amber: Health, well-being, purifies aura, positive outlook, self expression, decision making, sun energy, light, warmth, protects against negativity.   
Amethyst: Protection against psychic attack, blocks negative energy, spiritual awareness, divine connection, helps to release addiction, meditation, focus, calming, breaks bad habits and negative thoughts. 
Angel aura: Activates crown chakra, peace, serenity, spiritual awareness, optimism, joy, enlightenment, angel communication.
Angelite: Angelic communication, Heals throat chakra, development of spiritual gifts, expression of truth, compassion, meditation, stimulates third eye chakra and crown chakra. 
Apache tears (Obsidian): Grounding, protective, assists with healing from grief, alleviates emotional trauma, cleanses the auric field and blocks negative energy. 
Apatite (blue) : spiritual guidance, communication, encourages psychic ability, lucid dreaming, astral travel, activates third eye chakra, positivity, hope.
Apatite(green/gold): confidence, manifestation, creativity, will power, heals heart.
Apophyllite: Stimulates third eye chakra and crown chakra, past life recall, meditation, clears the mind, connection to nature, angelic and spiritual connection.
Aqua aura: Activates third eye and throat chakras, communication of truth, soothes anger, frustration and stress, calming, peaceful energy.
Aquamarine: calming energy, soothes stress and anger, stimulates third eye chakra and throat chakra, clear communication, truth, intuition, quiets the mind, encourages tolerance, cleanses emotions.
Aragonite: Grounding, assist with finding blockages and healing, activates and cleanses all chakras. patience, acceptance, connection to nature, strength.
Aventurine (green): heart chakra, confidence, empathy, growth, strength, luck.
Aventurine (red): strength, creativity, grounding, focus, manifestation, conflict resolution, self- forgiveness.
Azurite:  Stimulates third eye chakra and Crown chakra. Intuition, psychic ability, inner vision, enlightenment, spiritual guidance, past life recall, higher consciousness.
Bloodstone: Healing, intuition, creativity, vitality, courage, strength, grounding, root chakra, purifies auric field. 
Bornite (Peacock ore) : Joy, all chakras, happiness, positive energy.
Calcite: Blue:psychic ability, astral travel, communication,relaxation.
Calcite:White:manifestation, mental clarity, new beginnings.
Calcite:Green: emotional balance, absorbs negativity, heals heart. 
Calcite:Orange:meditation, creativity, confidence, grounding.
Carnelian: grounding, courage, confidence, concentration, focus, vitality, helps to overcome fear, fertility.
Celestite: Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, serenity, angelic communication, dream recall, communication of truth, spiritual guidance, enhanced consciousness, divine energy, enlightenment. 
Cavansite: Clairvoyance, communication, expansion of consciousness, Third eye chakra, Crown chakra, spiritual wisdom.
Charoite:(pronounced: shar-ite) transformation, higher consciousness, emotional healing, dispels negativity, manifestation of spiritual path, decision making. 
Chlorite: Connection with nature, protects against psychic attack, meditation, physical healing, optimism, well-being. 
Chrysocolla: communication, goddess energy, tranquility, protects against negativity, inner strength, activates heart, throat and root chakras.
Chrysoprase: growth, meditation, compassion, creativity, calming, lifts anger, encourages forgiveness and peaceful dreaming.
Citrine: Creativity, manifestation, willpower, mental clarity, abundance, encourages positive thinking.
Dalmatian Jasper: Protection, removes negativity, encourages childlike joy, happiness, grounding, calming.
Dendritic Agate: growth, wisdom, all chakras, life path , reduces stress
Emerald: Heart chakra, love, compassion, inspiration, patience, loyalty, abundance, calms emotions. 
Fluorite: strong protection stone, mental clarity, assists with decision making, cleanses aura, clears negativity, uncluttered mind, focus, concentration, memory retention. 
Fuchsite:(pronounced: few-shite) Heart chakra, unconditional love, self worth, independence.
Garnet: love, devotion, grounding, strength, security, kundalini activation.