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Metaphysical Properties O-U

Obsidian: grounding, protection against negativity, protection against psychic attack, removes negative thoughts and bad habits, cleanses aura.
Onyx: strength, focus, willpower, grounding, intuition, motivation to complete tasks, productivity, vitality, dream work. 
Opal: powerful manifestation stone, transformation, joy, amplifies emotions, amplifies intentions, meditation, heal from old wounds.
Peridot: solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, heals heart, universal love, positivity, prosperity, good for business owners, self esteem, manifestation.
Petrified wood: connection to nature, patience, past life work, ancient knowledge, wisdom, grounding.
Pietersite: solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, intuition, willpower, self esteem, helps to achieve goals with meaningful action, mental clarity, cleanses the aura, transformation.
Prasiolite (green amethyst):connection to nature, heart chakra, love, emotional healing, crown chakra, spiritual guidance, compassion.
Prehnite: solar plexus, heart chakra, alleviates worry and stress, meditation, angelic communication, peace of mind, dispels anger and nervousness.
Pyrite: manifestation, willpower, vitality, strength, confidence, creativity, solar plexus chakra, helps to outgrow negative habits, grounding, helps to overcome fear.
Quartz: programmable, amplifies intentions, manifestation, master healer, mental clarity, protective, memory enhancement, all chakras. because it can be programmed the better questions is - what CAN'T it do?
Rhodochrosite: Heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, self love, compassion, heals emotional wounds, self healing, courage, self esteem.
Rhodonite: love, empathy, generosity, compassion, grounding, heart chakra, root chakra, self development.
Rose Quartz:heart chakra, universal love, amplifies loving energy, emotional healing, self love, friendship, stress relief, calms the mind.
Ruby: root chakra, passion, vitality, strength, self worth, enthusiasm, courage.
Rutile: amplification of other stones, expansion of consciousness, enhances psychic ability, amplifies intentions, creativity, confidence.
Sapphire (blue): Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, insight, intuition, communication, psychic visions, wisdom, learning. 
Scolecite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual ascension, intuition, meditation, inner peace, relaxation, serenity, restful sleep, peaceful dreams, love. 
Selenite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, communication with angels and spirit guides, higher consciousness, intuition, clears energetic blockages, charges other stones with moon energy, healing. 
Seraphinite: spiritual enlightenment, self healing, connection with angels, all chakras, heart healing, kundalini, dream work, meditation.
Serpentine: connection to earth, connection with nature, kundalini awakening, all chakras, 
Shiva Lingam: Kundalini activation, All chakras, Vitality, Rebirth, Transformation, Enlightenment, Balance of energy, Fertility
Shungite protects against electromagnetic fields, is an immunity booster and amplifies the energy of other stones.
Smoky Quartz: root chakra, grounding, eliminates negativity, dispels stress and anxiety, assists in the manifestation of one's goals, cleanses aura, protects against electro magnetic radiation caused by computers and phones. 
Sodalite: Third eye chakra, increases intuition, creativity, deep meditation, stone of truth, protects against electromagnetic pollution caused by computers and mobile phones.
Stichtite: kundalin activation, love, forgiveness, compassion, spiritual protection, emotional resilience, heart chakra, crown chakra, root chakra.
Stilbite: mental clarity, peace, helps you find your purpose, promotes meaningful dreams
Sugilite: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual awareness, protects against negativity, encourages messages in dreams, intuition, helps you find your passion.
Sunstone: sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, creativity, confidence, courage, willpower, self steem, stress relief, happiness, independence, leadership.
Tanzanite aura: third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual enlightenment, enhanced consciousness, intuition, psychic abilities, connection with spirit guides, meditation, heals emotional blockages.
Tanzanite: compassion, love, third eye chakra, crown chakra, spiritual enlightenment, enhanced consciousness, intuition, psychic abilities, connection with spirit guides, meditation, heals emotional blockages.
Tiger eye:balance, grounding, creativity, strength, vitality, independence, mental clarity, decision making.
Titanium Quartz: relaxation, happiness, joy, positivity, strength, energizing, grounding.
Topaz: soothing, cmmunication, calming energy, spirituality, eliminates self doubt, intuition, assists with learning, mental clarity, meditation.
Black: most protective stone, dispels negativity, grounding, cleanses aura.
Green: well being, connection to nature, heart chakra, self healing.
Pink: heart chakra, love, emotional healing, joy, relaxation, happiness.
Red: root chakra, heart chakra, love, passion, grounding.
Blue:throat chakra, third eye, intuition, psychic ability, self expression.
Turquoise: throat chakra, communication, spirituality, protection, truth.