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Cinnamon Garden Cleansing Wand

Cinnamon Garden Cleansing Wand

  • $1800

So you’ve tried white sage and you swear by palo santo.
Now it’s time to explore other smudging herbs! Introducing our cinnamon garden smudge wands. Made with, you guessed it, Cinnamon, organic rose petals, organic rosebuds and fresh rosemary from our home garden. Made with so much love, bound with cotton, finished with a hand selected quartz crystal. 

You can either hold onto the crystal while smudging, using the crystal as a handle and allowing the quartz to amplify your intention! Or you can remove the crystal and burn the wand without it. it is really up to you :)

We are excited to encourage our beautiful heart-centred customers to reclaim your power. Allow your intuition to guide you and follow what feels right for you. Whether it's WHICH HERBS you smudge with, HOW you smudge, to clockwise or not to clockwise- it's totally your call! When we get so caught up in smudging the "right" way, we lose sight of the most important ingredient- INTENTION. So trust your gut and do what you're guided to do.
When in doubt, tune in by using this affirmation: I am a child of Mother Earth. I am part of nature, not apart from it. I am the wind, the fire , the earth and the water, and I trust my intuition will guide me, for my truth is mine alone and no one knows what is best for my energy more than I do.

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