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Crystal Grid for Amplification- Tuesday September 3rd

Crystal Grid for Amplification- Tuesday September 3rd

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Are you a facilitator that wishes to use crystal grids to enhance the connection
of spirit in rituals?
Are you looking to start creating your first grid for amplifying intentions or
clearing energy?
Join Kassandra Scardino as she takes you through a metaphysical esoteric
class guiding you through the use of crystals. Having worked and studied with
crystals since 2012 in multiple spiritual science modalities and amongst the
top crystal teachers, this wisdom pours into her class and dedication to her
Crystal grids are extremely powerful tools in harnessing energy for goal-
oriented results. When we create a grid we activate forces of energy that
access multidimensional planes for assistance. These grids can be used in
rituals or for protection during special ceremony. Learn the teaching and
technique of creating your first grid and the appropriate time for the intention
you seek.
Class includes notes prepared by the teacher and permission to record
techniques and mediation for personal practice at home.
Crystal Grid for Activation will cover areas such as:
- Connecting into the divine power of creation and spirit
- Cleaning and storing crystals basics
- The power of Quartz
- Using a laser crystal
- Creating and activating your grid
- Setting your intention
- Creating ceremony and offerings
Get ready to learn why ‘All I see is magic with crystals.’
Kassandra works as a psychic, healer, crystal teacher, spiritual coach and
events facilitator. She has recently been accredited internationally for her
modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy that is a combination of energetic
reprogramming that rewrites cellular memories in the human matrix resolving
an array of conflicts within peoples lives.
Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance,
sustainability and wellbeing within the community and a beacon for those
seeking assistance on their journey.




  • 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Important info :
*Once payment is made you will be added to the attendees list.
*This event has limited spaces so you must book ahead of time.
*Please arrive on time as the event will begin right away. 
*Notify staff at counter on arrival so they know you are attending the event. 
*Please contact us via email if you have any questions

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