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Rose quartz and Amethyst heart carvings

  • $4500

beautifully carved natural gemstone hearts 
Origin: Brazil 
Pink: Rose quartz
Purple: Amethyst
Size: 5.5 wide x 5 high x 2.5 deep cm


Amethyst is a high vibrational stone that supports your connection to the divine. It wards off negativity, protecting you energetically and enhancing your psychic gifts.

Amethyst helps you to break negative patterns such as excessive worrying, anger or addiction. It can help you to overcome sadness or stress, especially during transitional phases in your life.

Rose Quartz:heart chakra, universal love, amplifies loving energy, emotional healing, self love, friendship, stress relief, calms the mind.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and emotional healing. Working on the Heart chakra, Its soothing vibration is a remedy for anger, tension and stress. Rose Quartz clears the emotional body of past trauma, helping one feel more open to receiving and expressing love. Holding onto Rose Quartz can shift you out of fear-based thoughts into the higher frequency of compassion.

please select your choice from the drop down menu. Price is for one heart.

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