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Psychic Aid Crystal Kit

Psychic Aid Crystal Kit

  • $2800


4 crystals-  azurite, blue lace agate, kyanite, labradorite

The crystals have been selected for their psychic enhancement abilities.

Azurite:  Stimulates third eye chakra and Crown chakra. Intuition, psychic ability, inner vision, enlightenment, spiritual guidance, past life recall, higher consciousness. 

Stimulating all facets of the mind azurite will heal negative thought patterns, anxious thoughts, fears, and phobias. As well as heighten your intuition and psychic gifts. Towards more practical purposes, azurite is an excellent crystal for students, boosting concentration, memory, and focus. Azurite will boost your confidence by connecting you to your personal truth and strengthen your ability to express your thoughts and feelings

Labradorite: keywords: Magic , protection, psychic ability, past life recall, blocks negativity, self discovery, intuition, encourages spiritual gifts.  

Labradorite helps to bring out your unique intuitive gifts. It encourages the development of your psychic abilities and prevents energy leakage. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and guidance. It helps you to feel confident and protected in new situations. Labradorite blocks out unwanted energies from your auric field while enhancing your inner knowing and giving you a fresh perspective.

Kyanite: meditation, encourages the development of psychic abilities, intuition, promotes healing dream work, spiritual communication, connection.

Blue lace agate: communicating to divine spirit , expressing your truth, angel guidance

*Because of the natural variations created by our beautiful Mother Earth, your items will look similar but will not be identical to the items pictured. Minor substitutes may be added based on availability (eg. a polished stone in place of a rough stone of the same variety). 

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