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Stress Kit - crystal pack

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2 palo santo incense sticks
1 Leather medicine bag
4 crystals- Amethyst, Aventurine, Smokey Quartz, Lepidolite

The crystals have been selected for their ability to relieve stress.

use palo santo as a smudging incense to cleanse yourself and your crystals. As you light the palo santo, call upon the spirit of the tree and ask them to guide you. Allow the smoke to spill over your crystals and thank the Holy Wood and your crystals for their help. 

the medicine bag is made of leather. Colour varies. This protects the energy of the crystal from losing its' charge in between use and also protects your crystal from being exposed to dirty energy throughout the day. You can wear your medicine bag as a necklace or close it up and pop it in your bag. During the day take your stone of choice out of the bag and spend a moment connecting to it and asking it to guide you through this difficult time. 

 Amethyst: Protection against psychic attack, blocks negative energy, spiritual awareness, divine connection, helps to release addiction, meditation, focus, calming, breaks bad habits and negative thoughts. 

Aventurine (green): heart chakra, confidence, empathy, growth, strength, luck.

Lepidolite: emotional healing, protects you from electromagnetic pollution from computers and mobile phones, heart chakra, love, intuition, stress relief, release of addiction, transformation stone. 

Smoky Quartz: root chakra, grounding, eliminates negativity, dispels stress and anxiety, assists in the manifestation of one's goals, cleanses aura, protects against electro magnetic radiation caused by computers and phones. 

*Please note that the packaging may change but the items inside are the same. Because of the natural variations created by our beautiful Mother Earth, your items will look similar but will not be identical to the items pictured. Minor substitutes may be added based on availability (eg. a polished stone in place of a rough stone of the same variety). 

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