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Crystal gridding for beginners

Making a crystal grid should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Don't stress about doing everything the 'right' way at first. Just take a moment to read through the instructions and then have a go at making one yourself. 

The main things to consider are: 

  • The crystal in the center should be larger than the others.  Quartz is ideal for a center stone as it's purpose is to charge the other stones and quartz is a charging stone, as well as a programmable stone!
  • For the entire duration of setting up the crystal grid you should be setting your intention clearly. It is important to decide what your grid is for ahead of time so that you can choose appropriate stones. 
  • Don't try to set multiple intentions at the one time. Each grid should be for one intention only, and it should be specific. Try to avoid:
    "This grid is for positivity" or "this grid is for healing".
    These are vague statements. Instead, try:
    "I want this grid to encourage happiness in my home" or "May this grid encourage healing on my hip, which has been bothering me". 
  • The stones of each layer in the grid should be similar in size. 


Quartz Generator, Rutilated quartz, Citrine, Pyrite.


What you'll need:

  • one larger central stone.
  • a clear intention. some people like to write it on a small paper but it's not necessary
  • supportive stones. I made an abundance grid (pictured) as an example. I chose to use 4 of each stone and chose stones that were good for prosperity, manifestation and abundance. 
  • a safe place to make the grid where it wont be touched.
  • a quartz wand to activate your grid.


What to do:

  1. Set your intention and hold it throughout. 
  2. Place your support stones by group. The stones should be equal in distance from each other and from the center.
  3. Place the larger stone in the middle.
  4. Use your crystal wand to activate it. Do this by envisioning while light entering the crystal, then point that crystal at the central stone and draw an invisible line connecting all of the stones in the grid, one by one, finishing on the central stone.


Hints and Tips

  • You can have as many layers as you intuitively feel you need. If you can't decide you can use a pendulum to help you decide on the crystals you use, the qty and the order in which they should be placed! There's no wrong way of doing it!
  • If you have written your intention down, place it under your middle crystal.
  • Visualize what you want to happen while you are making the grid. For eg. If you want it to create happiness and harmony in your home, imagine your friends and family smiling and happy in your home. 
  • Some people place printed sacred geometry patterns and make their grids on top. 
  • Making a grid on top of a mirror can help amplify the energies.


Suggestions for grids: 

Citrine, Pyrite, Rutilated quartz , Quartz.

Chakra Balance:
Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis, Rose quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Red jasper.

Black tourmaline, Black obsidian, Amber, Amethyst

Red jasper, Pyrite, Tiger eye, Hematite

Amethyst, Selenite, Celestite, Quartz

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