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Collection: Reserved Orders

Reserved Order Policies: 

These policies are in place for reserved orders : Orders that are placed via Instagram DM , Facebook Messenger, Instagram Live Sales, Email etc. 
For ease of reading, all of these will be referred to as a "Reserve" through this policy. 

  1. If you claim an item as a reserve you are expected to follow through with the purchase. We have a high number of requests that come through daily. Putting items back is unfair to those who want the same item but miss out.
  2. Not honoring your reserve purchases will result in you being banned from reserving in the future. 
  3. You are required to pay your invoice within 48 hours. If you need a little more time (waiting for payday, wanting to purchase other items on the site) just let us know. . 
  4. If you would like to reserve a high ticket item and need to arrange a payment plan, please email us at Payment plans are available for reserve purchases over $500. This amount does not include shipping. Payment plans are not available for discounted items. Your item/s will not be sent out until the order is paid for in its entirety. If you would like to receive your goods right away, we always have Afterpay as an option for online orders as well. Your intention to begin an order on a payment plan should be discussed and arranged before items are claimed in live sales or requested as reserves. 
  5. Information about Shipping can be found -> HERE <-. We ship orders out as fast as possible. This can take up to 4 business days during our busiest periods. 
  6. We offer free shipping on orders over $50 for items that are already listed on the website. This free shipping offer is not available for reserves. 


Live Sales via Instagram or Facebook:

  • To claim an item comment with the code/price. 
  • Prices shown in live sales are fixed. do not claim an item and then try to negotiate the price after the live stream. 
  • Once claimed, the items can not be put back or swapped. 
  • The winners of the bids will be announced during the live sale. Don't assume you have won an item just because you can see your comment first. The winner will be based on who we see first on our end. 
  • Cost of shipping will be calculated after the sale, once your order has been weighed and measured. 
  • If you are new to our live sales you will need to dm us after the sale and provide us with your email address and city and postcode. 
  • Ghosting us will result in you being banned from future live sales. 
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