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Manifesting with Crystals


One might argue that we don’t need crystals to manifest.
You also don’t need coffee to wake up in the mornings, but it sure as h*ll helps!

Whether you’re calling in a new love, a new job or a inflow of abundance, crystals have you covered. 



Here are the top three crystals for manifesting and their specific power!



For clearing your manifestation centre

Known as the great manifestor, Citrine is probably the most referred to in this manifestation game. It stimulates the Sacral Chakra, clearing any energetic blocks you may have in this area. Think self worth here, do you feel deserving of what you want and are you taking steps to create it?

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Rutilated Quartz

For quickening and grounding your manifestation

Rutilated Quartz broadcasts our thoughts out into the Universe. Like most Quartz, its programmable and will amplify the energy of your intention. It radiates light energy, making it the perfect companion for raising your vibes, thus accelerating the manifestation process.

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For creating action

Ok, so you’ve put your manifestation out what? Action baby! This is the magic ingredient. Pyrite will give you the confidence and stamina to chase your dreams by encouraging you to overcome any niggling fears/insecurities.   

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As the saying goes, the crystal chooses you. It’s always suggested that you go with the crystal that resonates most with you. 

Happy manifesting!




Jessica Giannetto works with Reiki, Point of Light Therapy & Intuitive Plant Medicine. She has combined these modalities together, alongside Crystal Healing to create her own unique healing offering. Click here to learn more about her or book a session. 

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