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Using the elements to cleanse your crystals

There are so many methods for cleansing your crystals. Finding the right ritual for you can really help to build a stronger energetic connection between you and your healing stones. This means they will work harder for you because they won't be holding onto any stagnant energy, and you will be able to tune in and feel their energy more powerfully. If you've found yourself reading this blog post, odds are you're trying to make sense of the many different rituals you've read or heard about. Perhaps your friend instructed you to put your stones under the full moon and then you read a conflicting article about putting crystals in salt water and now you're staring at your crystal collection and wondering what you're supposed to do...sound right? Well, the truth is, all of the methods can be equally effective as long as you're holding a focused intention throughout the process. In this blog post I want to quickly go through how you can use the elemental forces to cleanse your crystals. It is simply another option for those who don't feel connected to other cleansing rituals and are looking for an alternative.  

There are four elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire
The four elements make up our magnificent universe - and while all crystals can be used in other magickal rituals to represent the element of Earth, they are also governed by a specific element. We can work in tune with that energy to cleanse our crystals. Again, it is more about your intention than it is about your action.

How to cleanse with Earth:

  • place your crystals in your garden with your plants overnight 
  • bury your crystals overnight 
  • take your crystals on a nature hike with you

How to cleanse with Wind:

  • place your crystals out on a windy day
  • take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on your intention to cleanse as you blow your breath onto the crystals
  • burning sacred herbs and allowing the smoke to spill over your crystals

How to cleanse with Water:
it is important to be careful when cleansing with water as some minerals will be damaged if wet. Research before immersing your stones in water.

  • take your crystals to the beach and give them a salt water bath
  • run clean cool water over them
  • cleanse with a clearing spray. Our in-house cleansing mist is available here.
  • leave them out in the rain
  • if you want to cleanse without getting them wet, you could leave them outside under a shelter when it is raining so that they are immersed in the cleansing energy of the rain without actually being rained on.

How to cleanse with Fire:

  • place your crystals nearby a fire (be careful that they aren't too close or they could be damaged)
  • run your crystal very quickly through a candle flame 
  • leave it out in the sun for a day
  • smoke cleansing

To help you along, I have organised some of the more popular crystals by element. Cleanse your crystals according to their element and let me know how you go in the comments!  

Earth element stones:

Wind element stones:

Water element stones:

Fire element stones:


Black Tourmaline

Lapis Lazuli

Rose Quartz

Angel aura
Green Aventurine
Blue lace agate
Red Aventurine



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