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What is a crystal grid, and why you need one

As the operator of Sydney's iconic crystal shop Mineralism and the author of 'Crystal Companions', Jessica Lahoud knows a thing or two about these powerful stones. Today she shares her wisdom with Body+Soul.

With #crystals taking over TikTok with over 15 billion views and even making an appearance on the latest season of MAFS, the popularity of crystal healing is at an all-time high.

You’ve probably dabbled with a little crystal healing already and are wondering what the next steps are in your crystal-healing journey. Allow me to introduce you to crystal gridding. Crystal grids can be used for manifesting, shielding your home from bad vibes, attracting abundance, improving relationships, promoting peaceful sleep, and the list goes on.

Don't let the term 'Crystal gridding' intimidate you, let me guide you through the basics and you’ll feel like a crystal expert in no time.


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