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Crystals for empaths kit

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Are you an empath?
An empath is a person with a unique gift of clairsentience (the psychic gift of feeling). An empath is a highly sensitive person who can feel and sense the emotions and feelings of other living beings. An empath will know when someone else is sad, in pain, or unwell without being told a thing. This truly is a beautiful gift, but of course can be overwhelming and exhausting. If you are an empath, it is important for you to learn techniques to guard your energy, and to know when to take some time alone to rejuvenate and give yourself necessary self-care and love. Crystals can assist because they influence your energy by strengthening and lifting your vibrational frequency. The stronger your energy, the less likely you are to pick up anyone else energy when they are feeling low , tired or unwell. 

This kit is made up of four stones and two cleansing palo santo incense sticks. black tourmaline, amethyst, lepidolite and rose quartz have been selected for their ability to help those who are highly sensitive to the energies of those around them. They work to keep your energy purified, protect you from psychic attack, allow for any emotional blockages to be cleared and reduce stress and anxiety.

Use the palo santo as a smudging tool to cleanse yourself and your crystals.


Packaged in BIODEGRADABLE clear cellulose wrapper. NOT PLASTIC. 

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