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we now have two locations in Sydney! 

GLEBE: : 31 Glebe point road, Glebe, NSW 2037
Glebe phone: 0434277758

NEWTOWN: 193 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042
Newtown phone:  0402152222


Store Hours for both Glebe and Newtown: 
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Sunday - 11AM-6PM



Although we didn't open the doors of Mineralism until 2015, working in the gemstone business goes back three generations in our family.
My grandfather Michael Lahoud was a jeweller. He migrated from Lebanon to Australia with his family and opened up a jewellery shop in Western Sydney in the 70's. He specialised in filigree work. My father Edmond Lahoud worked with him in the store and eventually became a jeweller himself. He went on to start a business with my mother Giovanna Lahoud when my grandfather retired.
Although they loved to make jewellery, the beauty of natural gemstones eventually lead my parents to the opal fields of lightning ridge where they began to mine for precious black opals. I have memories of playing on the beautiful red earth in the Australian outback, camping with my parents and sisters under the stars and going down into the mines to see what dad was getting up to down there. Lightning Ridge was our second home and the miners were our family. 

Like most miners across the world, we often trade at international Gem and Mineral exhibitions. One year while we were selling in the USA we met another gem dealer named Jed Underwood. I had limited knowledge of semi precious stones as we specialised in precious opals, pearls and diamonds. Jed introduced me to crystals and minerals that i had never heard of in my life. He was the catapult of my love affair with crystals and eventually the keeper of my heart. We married in 2014.

Jed and I sold at markets across Sydney, Australia & New Mexico and Florida, USA for almost 4 years before we decided it was time to open a brick and mortar store. It only made sense that we would make it a family business! With my parents' knowledge of the industry and precious gemstones, and our knowledge of semi precious stones and fossils we made the perfect team. 


We offer access to an array of gemstones, minerals, fossils and jewellery from all over the world. From small tumble stones to begin your mineral kit, to large collector pieces. We also stock one of a kind hand made pieces of jewellery. We have access to gemstones direct from the miners and travel the world to find unique beads, fossils and crystals. We are dedicated to providing these gemstones to our customers at fair prices.


Jed and Jessa


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