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Meet the team

Co-owner of Mineralism and the team's crystal daddy, Jed has a lifelong background in the gemstone industry. His passion for minerals and love for helping people drive him in the shop every day.

Jessica Lahoud is the co-owner of Mineralism, an author, and a true lover of the mineral kingdom. Her passion for minerals shines through her work and inspires others to appreciate their beauty and significance.

Emi is a practising Witch with over 16 years experience, specialising in crystal ritual magick and herbology, her knowledge of crystal healing focuses on utilising crystals as amulets and healing. Her unique take on crystal knowledge derives from her practise of the Craft and her own personal experience in the magick and power of crystals.

Andres Engracia is a multifaceted magician who effortlessly weaves his passions as an author, actor, and mystic. Andres's deep understanding of all things occult infuses his work with a unique blend of enchantment and intrigue, leaving his readers spellbound.


Jessie's deep love for the crystal kingdom fuels her passion for helping others. She finds joy in connecting individuals with the perfect crystal medicine tailored to their unique needs. With her extensive knowledge and intuitive guidance, Jessie empowers others to harness their own personal power.

Al is a kind and creative non-binary faerie with a passion for energetic medicine and holistic practices. They find solace in working with crystals, practicing Vedic meditation, and exploring the art of channeling. When they're not delving into spiritual realms, Al can be found expressing their colourful personality through crochet and creating gorgeous shop displays that perfectly complement their fun and vibrant style.

Monica is a globetrotting jeweller with an uncanny ability to find herself in the midst of supernatural occurrences and miraculous events. Having lived in four different countries, she has witnessed the unexplainable in each one, fostering her belief in the mystical and extraordinary. She is passionate about gems and crystals, serving the community with love and appreciation for the Earth's magnificent wonders.

Phoebe is a captivating blend of intellectual pursuits and artistic flair. As a glass blower and artist, she channels her passions into intricate and mesmerizing creations. Simultaneously, her pursuit of an archaeology degree adds a touch of historical curiosity to her already immaculate vibes. 

Rebecca is a dedicated student of kinesiology and complementary medicine, driven by a fascination with the intricate connection between energy, physical well-being, and spiritual harmony. Alongside her studies, she expresses her creativity as a talented jewellery maker and artist, weaving her love of nature into both her studies and her craft.

Arty is a beacon of humour, kindness, and compassion. She delights in spreading joy to all those around her. A dedicated crystal collector, she's usually the welcoming point of contact for online orders, her commitment to finding unique pieces is matched only by her amazing customer service.