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Heal The Soul - Essential Oil Roll On

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Heal The Soul // Calming 

Infused with clear quartz
-Corresponds with the Heart chakra.
-Use when going though emotionally stressful situations.
-When needing to wind down at the end of the day.
-When wanting to invoke a feeling of being comforted and contented.

Blend born July 2016


Created by Aromatherapy With Sarah for The Spiritual Toolbox


Each blend has been carefully designed with essential oil safety in mind with guidance from Tisserand, R., & Young, R. (2014). Essential Oil Safety. London: Churchill Livingstone and Salvatore Battaglia. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy (2017).

Bergamot essential oil : (bergapten free): This oil is bergapten free Bergamot, which means it is safe for use in the sun but as a precaution adding may be phototoxic. Recommended dermal 0.4% dilution. No contradictions. (Battaglia, 2017, p. 172).

Australian True Lavender essential oil : No contradictions (Tisserand & Young, 2014, p. 326) . Considered non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising. (Battaglia, 2017, p. 370).

Organic Lemon (distilled) essential oil : No contradictions. Max dermal use level 20% (Tisserand & Young, 2014, p. 330) . Considered non-toxic, non-irritant and sensitisation can occur in some people (Battaglia, 2017, p. 382).

Ylang Ylang essential oil : Moderate risk of skin sensitisation. Cautions: hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin , children under 2 years of age. Maximum dermal level 0.8% (Tisserand & Young, 2014, p. 477). Considered non-toxic and non-sensitising. Excessive use may cause headaches. (Battaglia, 2017, p. 604).


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