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Mini Ganesha Carving

  • $1800

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Size: approx 2cm
Stone: Natural minerals. Lapis, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper
Hand carved

please keep in mind that these are hand carved from natural stones and as such will vary slightly in appearance 

red: grounding, strength, vitality, calms emotions, creativity.
Lapis Lazuli: third eye chakra, intuition, psychic ability, throat chakra, communication, enlightenment, stress relief, protective, peace
Quartz: programmable, amplifies intentions, manifestation, master healer, mental clarity, protective, memory enhancement, all chakras. because it can be programmed the better questions is - what CAN'T it do?
Rose Quartz:heart chakra, universal love, amplifies loving energy, emotional healing, self love, friendship, stress relief, calms the mind.

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