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Psychic Kit - crystal pack

  • $2500


2 palo santo incense sticks
4 crystals-  azurite, blue lace agate, kyanite, labradorite

The crystals have been selected for their psychic enhancement abilities.

use palo santo as a smudging incense to cleanse yourself and your crystals. As you light the palo santo, call upon the spirit of the tree and ask them to guide you. Allow the smoke to spill over your crystals and thank the Holy Wood and your crystals for their help. 

Azurite:  Stimulates third eye chakra and Crown chakra. Intuition, psychic ability, inner vision, enlightenment, spiritual guidance, past life recall, higher consciousness. 

Labradorite: Magic , protection, psychic ability, past life recall, blocks negativity, self discovery, intuition, encourages spiritual gifts. 

Kyanite: meditation, encourages the development of psychic abilities, intuition, promotes healing dream work, spiritual communication, connection.

Blue lace agate: communicating to divine spirit , expressing your truth, angel guidance

please note that we have recently changed our insert paper to a more environmentally friendly material and it may be printed on a recycled brown paper instead of white. The items inside are exactly the same :)

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