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Worry Stone
Worry Stone
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Worry Stone

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Amethyst is a high vibrational stone that supports your connection to the divine. It wards off negativity, protecting you energetically and enhancing your psychic gifts.

Amethyst helps you to break negative patterns such as excessive worrying, anger or addiction. It can help you to overcome sadness or stress, especially during transitional phases in your life.

Aventurine (green):

Green Aventurine is a stone of new opportunities, promoting a positive outlook for embarking on new paths with optimism. Expanding, the heart and higher heart chakra, green aventurine facilitates growth, soothes anxiety, and balances emotions. A stone of prosperity and good fortune. Carry it with you or add it to a money bowl to attract abundance and amplify blessings of all types.

Calcite Orange: Orange Calcite's resonance instills a gentle empowerment and a healthy sense of leadership. For those who struggle with asserting themselves, exercising their will and personal power, it fosters courage, bravery, and self-worth. Helping those who feel aimless gain greater insight, persistence, and take constructive action. Orange Calcite is an excellent support for those stepping out of toxic patterns and relationships.

Moonstone:Moonstone is vibrant with divine lunar energy. It is an ideal stone for new beginnings and trasitioning through big life moments. Moonstone is a stone for spiritual journeying. It will enhance your intuition and give you additional spiritual insight. Moonstone emits a soothing energy and is known to balance emotions and calm stress and anxiety.

Moss agate:

A stone of new beginnings, moss agate, revitalizes the soul, inspiring optimism and hope. Promoting the development of friendships and romances, it fosters compatibility, highlighting the beauty in ourselves and others. Moss agate rouses innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. A stone of abundance, a piece of moss agate draws wealth, good fortune, and success all day long. 

Red Jasper: 

Activating the 1st chakra, red jasper has a grounded, robust energy. This stabilizing force is protective, fostering a sense of peace and well being. A stone of justice and equity, it enables you to ask for what you need and re-establish boundaries. For those needing to kickstart their willpower, bolster their courage, and strengthen their resolve, it is a profoundly beneficial crystal. 

Rose Quartz:heart chakra, universal love, amplifies loving energy, emotional healing, self love, friendship, stress relief, calms the mind.
Rose Quartz is the stone of love and emotional healing. Working on the Heart chakra, Its soothing vibration is a remedy for anger, tension and stress. Rose Quartz clears the emotional body of past trauma, helping one feel more open to receiving and expressing love. Holding onto Rose Quartz can shift you out of fear-based thoughts into the higher frequency of compassion.

Tiger eye:

As it wards negativity, tigers eye transmutes it into positive, high vibrational energy. With its grounded resonance, tigers eye strengthens will, motivation, and bravery. Activating the solar plexus and sacral chakras, it inspires confidence and empowerment as it balances emotions. An excellent stone for those facing obstacles, tigers eye fosters forethought and enhances problem-solving.