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How to cleanse your crystals


Moonlight: When there is a full moon, place the stones outside under the moonlight overnight.


Smoke: Burning herbs and resins such as rosemary, mugwort, sandalwood and frankincense, and allowing the smoke to spill over the crystals to purify them.


Water: Hold your stones under running water, in a stream or in the ocean. note that not all crystals can be cleansed in water. It is important to research whether or not your stone can get wet.


Essential oils: Oils of Frankincense, Lavender and Palo Santo hold a high frequency that can clear the energy of stones. Do not use this method on stones that can't be exposed to water.


Earth: place your crystals in the soil in your garden or take them for a walk in nature and place them on the Earth. Allow them to sit in the Earth's grounding energies for a few hours until they have been cleansed and are ready to be used again. You can also place them in a small box and bury them in your garden, leaving them underground overnight or until you feel guided to dig them back up.


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