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Protection stones

We get asked in the shop about crystals for protection all the time. This guide aims to walk you through a few of the more well-known protection stones, what exactly they are protecting you from and the different ways that they work.
There's a reason that black tourmaline is the most popular stone for protection and that's because it is considered the most protective of all protection stones. Black tourmaline can be found all over the world. Black tourmaline helps you by purifying and balancing your aura. By doing this It helps to end negative thought patterns and elevates your consciousness. It also protects you against psychic attack and from any dark entities from entering your energetic field. Black tourmaline helps by grounding you to mother earths planetary energy which helps us to sync with the earth, in turn helping us to manage our stress and anxieties. 
Black obsidian is also a very protective stone. It works hard to seal any 'holes' in your aura, much like black tourmaline, to stop negative energy from entering into your auric field. Furthermore, it removes any dark attachments that may already exist, blocking them from returning to you. Black obsidian brings your own negative patterns to the surface, forcing you to deal with that which is causing any blockages so that you can begin to move past what no longer serves you. it's a little tough-love. 
Jet is is especially good when used as an amulet of protection during astral travel. Keep some Jet nearby before beginning your meditative work. This will protect you during your adventures in the spirit world and keep you from bringing any negative entities back into your auric field. Jet can also aid in past life recollection, which could be just what you need to begin clearing any issues brought into this life from previous blockages. In this way, it acts as a tool to assist you in protecting yourself as you break through the constructed boundaries of your consciousness. 
This stone is wonderful for anyone who is quite sensitive to the energies of crystals and the people around them. It has a very subtle energy that is very protective. It helps to 'heal' the holes in your aura and seal them shut so that you are protected against psychic attack, entities and negative energies from other people. Purple sage agate also protects against a 'sudden' awakening which can be quite scary. It increases your intuition in a gradual way so as not to overwhelm you. Purple sage agate is more of a spiritual protector, however it is important to remember that problems within your spiritual body will eventually manifest into physical problems in the human form if not dealt with. 
Labradorite is a stone of magic and protection. It assists us by exposing any 'hidden' gifts we may not know we have. The gift of magic, and it's ability to increase our intuition gives us a powerful tool to tune in and move with caution into new situations, knowing that we are protected by our 'gut feeling'. Labradorite also helps to strengthen the link between us and our guides, higher selves and angels who keep watch over us and help to guide us down a safe path. 
Amethyst protects you by helping you give up any negative behavioural problems, whether it be drinking, gambling, drug use or smoking, amethyst helps us to let go of these bad habits. The violet light creates a shield around you, protecting you from psychic attack and energetic vampires. Also, by aiding you in making a stronger connection with your guides and angels, Amethyst keeps your protectors close by at all times. When working with Amethyst you may notice their nudges, warnings and encouragements which present themselves in the form of synchronicity, dreams and messages in meditation etc.  

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