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Working with crystals with Kassandra Scardino

Dates: Wednesday 31 st May, 7 th and 14 th June

Time: 7.15pm-9.45pm

Location: Mineralism shop 31 glebe point rd

Investment: introduction offer $150(norm $222)

What you will receive

-Full color handout with folder
-Light refreshments

what you will learn

-What do you use crystals for,
-Feeling the crystals energies with your hands,
-How to best clean and activate your crystals,
-Energy activation in your energy matrix to enhance your crystals connection,
-How to store crystals,
-The do’s and don’ts of crystals,
-How to choose the right crystals for what you need,
-14 crystals to use,
-Programming your crystals,
-Crystals for feng shui,
-Harnessing the crystals energy with meditation awareness,
-Shapes of crystals and their purpose,
-Using the pendulum for asking question and readings,
-Chakra healing and body balance.

About Kassandra

Kassandra has been working and healing with crystals for over 3 years as a
full time profession. Having used them to heal people through Pranic Healing,
a non-touch energy modality, Kassandra went on to study through the Vesica
Institiute and then Crystal Dreaming which enables her to use crystals for past
life regression.

Further to this Kassandra uses Theta Healing a sub-conscious
reprogramming technique to activate and also enhance the strength of the
crystals and their users by changing the structure of your energy makeup.
The results have been astonishing and Kassandra is now creating her own
crystal modality that she wishes to teach people to enable them to activate
their psychic abilities and use crystals in their life.


April 11 2017